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Spectra Music Group was founded in 1997 and is a globally recognized music company. Currently, there are over twenty subsidiary labels under the umbrella of the Spectra Music Group encompassing over 400 artists around the world. Spectra's initial releases were distributing compilation albums of new songs by veteran musicians. The label's first acts included 70's and 80's iconic singers that still had substantial airplay at the time. Tours were assembled in support of each album release to help better sell the product. Numerous artists that appeared on the compilations and tours contribute to staying relevant and in demand from Spectra giving them the opportunities.


In 1998, Spectra opened its doors to young artists that were cutting edge and showed potential for selling new music. The roster combines musical veterans as well as up and coming acts. The labels initial success came from the genres of Rock and Country music artists. Dozens of artists throughout the existence of Spectra's history have achieved chart topping success as well as award winning and high selling record status. Spectra is considered the largest independent record company.

If you have a demo you would like to submit to the Spectra Music Group, please visit our submissions page. No material will be returned.

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