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Canadian Artist Kevin Davison Releases New EP "Only Human"

Kevin has dedicated his professional career to being a Paramedic in his small town of Kentville, NS. He has a deep commitment to helping others and his job brought him to sit in front of his phone in November 2014 and recorded a song called “When Those Sirens Are Gone”, a song about suffering that can happen while working as a first responder when tragedy happens.

Kevin releases his new EP "Only Human" featuring the already popular song "When Those Sirens Are Gone".

Kevin Davison's new EP "Only Human" is available now!

Available on March 1, 2024 at all retail outlets such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and more!

If you are a radio station and would like to request a copy of the new single or schedule an interview, please contact:

Check out for more info and tour dates!


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