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Spaceship Days

Forming in 2009, this altpop band took their name from a lyric in a Catherine Wheel song.

After releasing a pair of albums independently ( "The Halo Effect" 2009; "Black Holes & Butterflies 2010") to wide acclaim, the founding members of the band : Greg Torsone - guitars/production; Chuck Cox - bass, joined forces with a new vocalist, American Idol/America's Got Talent Finalist Adam Lee Decker, and released "The Thrill of Freefall" in March 2013.

The first single from the EP "December" is featured in the Every New Day pictures film "Secrets in the Fall"

Spaceship Days new EP "Saving the Universe" was released July 1st 2014

In May 2018 the band signed with Spectra Music Group and will be releasing a new album "Into the Blue" early in 2019.

Armed with the fusion of chemistry, mature songwriting, crisp production, and a spectacular live show Spaceship Days is a band for any music lover.

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