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Alex Giordani's New Album "Shades of Morning Light" Reaches Number #1 in Italy.

Spectra  Music Group recording artist Alex Giordani and his latest album "Shades of Morning Light" has hit Number #1 on Amazon's album charts in Italy.

Alex Giordani is a talented songwriter, a gifted singer and musician. He likes to define his music as "Pop-Rock with an Orchestral touch"  influenced by a wide range of artists, from The Beatles to U2, from The Muse to Coldplay.

"There are many ways to tell a story" and Alex does it through his songs where he captures feelings, details and moments of real life that everyone can relate to. With his extensive on-stage experience, Alex has built a solid following due to his great voice and passionate live performances. This growing success has encouraged him to record professionally his home-produced songs.

In 2006 he has released his debut album "Essence".

The compelling sound, the lyric imagery and the emotional vocals of Essence have been receiving an enthusiastic feedback from Alex growing fan base.

In 2007 he released his second Album "One Road" and in the same year won the European Intel Myspace Contest in the categories "best singer" and "best songwriter".

In 2010 he released his third album "Escape of Cosmonauts" that consolidated his role of independent artist with an unlimited poetic inspiration and a powerful and emotional voice.

In 2014 he releases his album "A day of the orange clouds" which gains an amazing feedback. Some of the tracks are selected as soundtrack song for TV series.

​In 2019 he releases two albums: an EP in Italian language called "L'inizio dei racconti" and his fifth album "Shades of Morning Light".

His records has been sold all over the world, from UK to USA, to South America and Asian Countries and his songs are currently transmitted by local radio stations in Europe and USA.

He is also truly praised for his live performances in tribute bands of U2, Coldplay and The Beatles.

Alex Giordani's new album "Shades Of Morning Light"  is available at Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and more.

The official website for The Spectra Music Group may be found at

The official website for Alex Giordani may be found at

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