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Gabe Lopez lends producing skills to the new Comedy Central show “The Other Two”

Gabe Lopez who has just released his latest album entitled "God Bless The Queens," took some time between radio interviews and promoting his latest album to produce a few tracks that were picked up for the new Comedy Central show "The Other Two."

The new show is about the lives of siblings Cary and Brooke that are upended when their 13-year-old brother, Chase, becomes famous overnight. Chase’s career skyrockets -- much to the chagrin of his two older burnout siblings, Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Heléne Yorke) -- but the teen is indeed just a hapless passenger on the road to stardom. A madcap manager (Ken Marino) is running his life and a team of calculating label executives (led by Wanda Sykes) are procuring all of his songs to ensure that “Chase Dreams,” the brand, is marketable and profitable.

Check out the full article featured in Billboard Magazine:

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